Wholesale & Drop Shipping

Start your online business an Australian Wholesale Dropship Supplier.


We've officially revamped our website to cater for Australian businesses looking to start dropshipping online or purchase wholesale quantities at the best prices in Australia.


Selling with the Colourblocker Dropship program is completely free to start. This means that everything from sourcing the right product, to placing an order is a no-brainer for you. Thousands of our wholesale suppliers rely on Clourblocker’s revolutionary dropshipping platform.


We have made drop shipping as easy as possible for budding entrepreneurs like you, because we understand that you are in a difficult situation. The market is competitive, and with thousands of products, it often becomes hard in finding the most reliable wholesale suppliers. Our aim is to help you in setting up your profitable drop ship business with the right tools, accessories and wholesale suppliers.


One of the most difficult components in dropshipping is establishing trust with vendors. We take this burden away from you when you start your ecommerce store.


As Warren Buffet said it:

Honesty is a very expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people.


We at Colourblocker offer the most priceless gift when you work with us – honesty.


Regardless of your order size, and business turnover - our system is able to meet your customer’s needs and demands. We understand that in peak shopping season, suppliers tend to get short of stock. This doesn’t happen with us. We are your wholesale suppliers well-equipped to fight with seasonal fluctuations, which won’t affect your online sales in any way.


Colourblocker also offers the best selection of promotional products, personalised, corporate gifting and staff incentive ideas. Our team offers extreme sourcing - you can rest assured we will provide you with the most innovsative and creative products - and extremely comeptitive pricing.


Whether your looking to apply as a wholesaler (even for small moqs) or as a dropshipper click here to get your account setup..


Once your application is approved for a wholesaler, you will receive an email confirmation from us, providing immediate access to our list of products with wholesale pri


If your application is not approved, you may still apply as a drop shipper and enjoy our services.


For additional quotes, orders, and any questions please contact us - and if you want to get started ASAP, go right ahead and apply here today.

And here you can find out why our dropshipping and wholesale services are different from others.