About Us

Welcome to Colourblocker.

You've finally found us. One of Australia's most unique wholesale, retail, and drop ship supplier of quirky, cool, gifts and gadgets to shop and start selling online.

So how are we different to any other random online gift and gadget supplier? Surely there's enough others out there?

Simple. Our goal has always been to focus on sourcing the most unique, useful, cool and colourful products available. So if it makes your life a little easier, makes you smile, or feel warm and fuzzy inside - we're keen. Whatever it is that could assist you in life, the kitchen, the home, or office. 

Our collection is constantly being updated and always fresh! 

We have a team sourcing experts that are always on the hunt - or even following Google Trends (highly recommended) for inspiration.

The product ranges we stock, and recommend as the best selling products to sell or drop ship in Australia include: cool and crazy gifts & gadgets, electronics, the best selling baby products, trendy iPhone and iPad accessories, Creative Bakeware, Innovative Kitchen Tools, Sports and Health Products, and even a bunch of Pet Products.

So - if you've been looking for a supplier to help you out with drop shipping baby products to your facebook groups, or sell the latest and coolest kitchen gadgets to your instagram followers - we can help!

Just get in touch with us, and one of our friendly staff can get you setup with an online drop ship or wholesale account.


At colourblocker our goal is to source profitable products that make people smile.   

So start shopping, and selling - and brighten up your lives and those around you with some colourful accessories. 

Colourblocker is for everyone! It’s all about being bright! So use us and be the person that adds some colour and convenience to the world and your friends too!

Dropshipping with Colourblocker

Colourblocker offers Dropshipping services to merchants locally and internationally. Our system enable merchants to sell drop-ship products on channels of their choice, at no extra charge - to anywhere in Australia.  So if you've been looking for a supplier to help kickstart your dropshipping business, you've come to the right place.

Colourblocker has been offering drop shipping services to merchants selling on their own websites as well as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Trademe, and many more online sales channels. As of late - more and more of our me...

Start your online business with a local Australian Dropship Supplier.

We've officially revamped our website to cater for Australian businesses looking to start dropshipping online.