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Your gateway to one of Australia's premier dropship suppliers and wholesalers of top-selling products for your eBay, Amazon, or online e-commerce stores. The place known for all things cool, colourful, unique and useful.


Over the past 7 years, we've been at the forefront, helping Aussie businesses online (and offline) bloom from their infancy into successful, profitable online stores.


A Trusted Global Brand

We're not just an Australian brand. Colourblocker is a respected Global Brand, offering Aussie sellers a free portal to thousands of trending and profitable products that are in high demand online in 2023. And yes, we've got our eyes set on predicting the hot commodities for 2024!

How We Stand Out

Ever wondered how Colourblocker distinguishes itself from other Australian dropshipping suppliers? It's all about our commitment to sourcing and supplying the most innovative, quirky kitchen, electronics, gifts, and gadgets. If it adds value, sparks joy, or simply makes you smile, we're onto it.

Discover a plethora of unique, functional, and vibrant products in the hottest niches — all without any membership fees. From cool kitchen gadgets to in-demand baby products, we're the top choice for dropshippers in Australia. Our dedicated team, armed with tools like Google Trends, ensures that our catalog remains fresh and exciting.

Our Product Range


Thinking of selling baby products on your Tiktok or promoting the latest kitchen gadgets to your Instagram followers? We've got you covered!


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Reach out to us and our friendly team will guide you through setting up your online dropship or wholesale account.


We're proud to be listed on SaleHoo, and recognized in Australia's top directory of drop-shippers. You can also find us on platforms like China Brands and WithinTheFlow.


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Colourblocker is for everyone looking to dropship direct and hassle free!  And most of all - It’s all about being bright and bubbly - whilst making people happy and their lives easier.