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Selling Watches Online is Still a Good Idea in 2019

Some people think watches are a thing of the past, and with Apple Watches and Smartwatches coming out every day - the normal traditional style of watches is on it's way out. But that couldn't be further from the truth.

The watch niche category online in Australia is always growing, and it's a category you can be sure will never fizzle out - and can guarantee a nice profit for your dropship or retail online business.


The Best Watches to Dropship Online

  • Smartwatches and Activity Trackers: Clearly a winning category here, especially with an amazing range of affordable smart watch alternatives to the expensive Apple Watches and Fitbits or Android Fitness Trackers.

  • Lego and Retro Style Watches: Our range of colourful "Lego Style" style brick block watches have been a timeless hit. Perfect for men and women, girls and boys - the margin is great too.

  • Minimal and Modern: After MVMNT launched their hot range of minimal watches, and did extremely well online - we're seeing a huge uptake in online stores sell these styles of simple and beautiful timepieces.

So Whether you sell smartwatches, trendy wooden watches, or pocket watches, you’ll find that there’ll always be an audience who loves wearing them on their wrist.

You can even choose different segments to target: mens’ watches, womens’ watches, or kids’ watches. And of course, you’ll want to sell all of the above in a general watch store.

So if you’re looking for the best watches to sell in 2019, you’ll want to read through this list.