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Date Posted:5 December 2018 

How to Start Dropshipping in 2023

Why Now is Still the Perfect Time

As the e-commerce landscape continually evolves, dropshipping remains a lucrative venture. If you're considering dropshipping in Australia in 2023 and pondering its sustainability, you're on the right track. The search for trustworthy Australian dropship wholesalers to either kickstart or rejuvenate your business has never been more critical.

You might already be navigating the dynamic world of drop shipping, seeking those perfect niche products that assure enhanced profit margins and more traffic in this expansive digital marketplace.

As we stay ahead of 2023's trends, we're thrilled to let you know we're also in talks with the AI-powered renowned platform, With thousands of curated products backed by a vibrant community of creatives, designers, bloggers, and e-commerce mavens, is a treasure trove. Our synergistic partnership hopes to bring some of their creative sources into Colourblocker's offerings, ensuring our partners always stay ahead of the curve.

BUT... let's address the challenges. Space constraints? Hefty rents for storage? Perhaps you're short on capital to order in bulk. And then there's the intricate dance of inventory management, logistics, and shipping, especially catering to an ever-expanding Australian or global clientele.

In a landscape where timing is everything, and sourcing is essential we streamline the process. No need for vast storage areas, and no anxiety over shipping logistics. With Colourblocker, you focus on selling what's trending; we handle the intricacies.

Colourblocker's Powering Dropshipping in 2023

  1. Lower Overheads – Forget about storage costs or complex inventory management. With a simple Shopify storefront, and we handle the rest.
  2. Flexibility Reigns Supreme – Run your dropshipping empire from anywhere. All you need is connectivity, and the world is your oyster. If you like oysters....
  3. Diverse Product Offerings – With no need for pre-purchasing, you can offer an array of products. Our collaboration. And wait til you see what's coming with Thieve.
  4. Scalability Simplified – As your sales soar, there's no added stress of inventory or storage. We grow with you, ensuring smooth operations.

Evolving with the E-commerce Landscape

Here's why dropshipping is still a win, and your margins don't have to be so slim. 

  • Surge in Social Commerce: Selling via social media platforms is booming. Dropshipping complements this trend seamlessly.
  • E-commerce Growth: The digital market is expanding. Carve your niche with dropshipping.
  • Mobile Shopping Trend: Reach out to the ever-growing mobile shopper base with dropshipping.
  • Tech Innovations: AI and machine learning are enhancing dropshipping operations.
  • Access to Quality Suppliers: With an influx of top-tier dropshipping suppliers, there's a bounty of high-demand products.

So - if you're after an eBay dropshipping supplier, aiming to get started selling on Amazon FBA in Australia, or just searching for eco-friendly items to start your own go-green store, we've got you covered.

Colourblocker's services in 2023 are about flexibility and growth. And with more features like pay-later interest-free options with ZIP, we're helping people jump in to risk-free ecommerce.

So whether you're a stay-at-home mum, digital nomad, e-commerce enthusiast, or seasoned online seller, our tailored dropshipping service is designed for you.


If the idea of risk-free, expansive online selling appeals to you, we're here to guide and support you. At Colourblocker, every order is unique, every product is special and every client is a collaboration.

Get going with Dropshipping in 2023

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With over 8 years now in the business and exciting new collabs on the horizon, we're geared to assist in your dropshipping success. After all, when you succeed, so do we. That's the beauty of our partnership.

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