The Best Promotional Products of 2018


Colourblocker is Australia’s only B2B company - exclusively supplying unique, and useful - create, fun and functional promotional items, corporate gifts and branded merchandise at competitive pricing. 


Our creative team will make sure you make your brand stand out.

So if you want the boring stuff. We’ll do it. And at extremely competitive prices. But it’ll bore our team - as much as it’ll likely bore your potential clients too.
There’s heaps of promotional corporate gifts suppliers around town. All offering personalised and same day delivery  - same kinds of pens, the same mugs, the same foam balls, and the same stuff you end up giving to your kids, or the local council recycling station.
And that’s why we’re different.

Corporate Gifts that aren’t corporate

Colourblocker  has been sourcing incredibly alternative, unique and useful products for over 10 years. Not just items that will stand out amongst other brands - but promo products your visitors, customers, and clients will actually use and remember. Because it’s about being different. And offering your clients something different too.
Unlike many other promotional suppliers in Australia - we also offer customisation, creation, and design of specified products. So if you have an idea - that you want to produce, our factory and designers can help you get it done. At the best possible prices too. Don’t waste money on your brand awareness.


So whatever it is you’re trying to promote. And whatever your next expo or conference is about - go for something different, useful, helpful, and more about them - than you.

Promotional products that will make your brand stand out of the crowd in 2018

Our main objective is to  source and supply the goods  that change people’s emotions, excite your clients, remind and surprise your, merchants or customers - and make them hold on to it for more than a few minutes. The ultimate way to build your “constant” brand awareness .  
Being a successful quirky and clever gadgets supplier - we have an eye for products that change the way people feel, experience, and talk. So we source the stuff that creates noise. The good kind of noise.
That's exactly why Colourblocker has recently added an "extra arm" to their headquarters.
So we can keep up with request from Australian companies and businesses for unique & useful corporate gifts, employee christmas presents or incentives - and much more.
Our team of geeks and super savvy web nerds provide a free sourcing service for all corporate companies struggling to find the "right" promo product for their Australian demographic.


The Top 3 Trending Corpoate Products 


  • Smartwatches and activity trackers

  • Laptop stands and portable standing desks

  • Ergonomic Keyboards and mice


And there’s a crazy new range of water-bottles, running and gym gear, as well as meal measure portion control nutritional accessories and gadgets




Best of Promotional Bundles, Packs and Essentials.


  • Mobile accessories gift packs

  • Gym and Fitness Training Packs

  • Business Travel Essentials

So if you're planning for a brand launch, corporate even, have an exhibition coming up - or just looking to promote your business through successful brand awareness - get in touch.