Office & Organization

Innovative gadgety bits to make your workday vaguely less dreary. Rebel against the desk monkey you swore you would never become! Everything from desk filling doodads like coffee holders to office essentials such as USBs and keyboards and extra cables. This stuff will provide hours of office procrastination whilst giving the illusion of busy, efficient competency

iPhone Sucker Stand

$11.95 $16.95

Smart Coded Cable Cord Tags

$19.95 $24.95

USB Keyboard Vacuum

From $19.95 $24.95

Clever Cable Plug Tags

$11.95 $16.95

Heat Sensitive Battery Mug

$14.95 $39.95

Punching Bag Hole Puncher

$16.95 $24.95

Stapleless Eco Stapler

$14.95 $19.95