Dropshipping FAQs

Dropshipping with Colourblocker Australia


We are one of the leading drop shipping companies in Australia! So if you want to know how to start drop shipping, you are in the right place!


How do I start dropshipping with Colourblocker

Setting up a dropship account with us should take less than 48 hours.

All you need to do is apply via our website - and ensure all details are accurate. Once we’ve received your application - your account will be reviewed within 48hrs after which you should receive your login (if successful).



How long does it take to get approved to sell your products via our own online stores or other marketplaces?

Our merchant dropship application process for drop ship merchants as well as wholesalers generally takes 48 hours.

Depending on our backlog - it shouldn’t be more than 3 days. So if you haven’t received an email confirmation with login details by then - please get in touch.


Where can I view wholesale prices for dropshippers?

Once you have been approved with a dropship account - the prices for all products will be visible to you're when logged. So when viewing single product pages - the retail cost available to you - is exactly your “wholesale buy price” too, which includes free delivery to your customer.

We also have the recommended retail prices visible - you’re able to sell at any prices you wish, as long as it’s going to earn you profit ;)

But the good news is - we now have a product feed that's accessible through your merchant dashboard once you are logged in. The CSV feeds include all product details as well as RRPs, Dropship Pricing, and Promotional Pricing for all products.


Do you offer international shipping for drop ship orders?

At the moment - we are only offering our services to merchants located in Australia, and to keep our costs and your costs competitive with shipping - we are only shipping within Australia at the moment.

Fingers crossed - by the end of next month, our system will be supporting all dropship and wholesale merchants with the option to offer international delivery to their customer base.

So stay tuned!



Do you provide all data and product information?


All product information, prices, and images are available for you to use on your website (once your dropship account is live). This can be downloaded as a CSV file directly from your accounts admin panel.

For google indexing purposes and SEO management - we suggest you do rewrite the descriptions and/or product names according to your customer base.

Here's a great article from Shopify on how to write the perfect product description


Am I able to access a data feed of products to dropship?

Yes! And you can download product feeds through your dashboard whenever you need. So whether you're looking to set-up your Shopify store, or use the Neto platform, you'll be able to access correctly formatted product feeds ready to go and import into your store.

We're also offering a customized weekly email service that emails CSV files to customers selling over $500 a week. Please contact us if you would like this to be arranged and automated.

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Are there any extra costs, (hidden) fees or charges to dropship your products

Defintiely not! We’re one of the only Australian dropship suppliers that charge no fulfilment fee or monthly subscription cost.

The price you see on our website is the price you pay!  

Check out our Wholesale & Drop Shipping page.

Our wholesale registration form can be found here.


How do we place orders to dropship to customers?

Our setup at the moment is quite simple.


The way you place an order - is literally the same as the way you’d shop for yourself.

Once you’ve received an order for a product on your site - login to your account dashboard > Add product to Cart > Checkout and enter your customer shipping details.

Just make sure “No invoice / Dropship Customer” is selected before completing the order

That’s all, folks!!

How to Dropship with Colourblocker Australia


What email address should you send all future orders to?

Please send all emails to orders@colourblocker.com


Where is your warehouse and business located?

Our office and warehouse is located in Sunny Sydney.

149 – 163 Mitchell Road, Erskineville, NSW, 2043.


How do I know how much stock you have on hand

All product availability can be seen on the product displayed on our website.

You can also download the current CSV from your merchant dashboard


As a general rule: If we don’t have any in stock (or less than 5pcs) - we deactivate the product, so you’ll never be able to sell it.


How long does it take to process and send out an order?

Unlike other dropshipping companies - we pick and pack all orders within 48hrs after the order has been placed (usually less than 12!).


All parcels are sent out with tracking via Australia Post eParcel. And can be tracked easily using the AUSPOST web portal.


Do you offer express shipping?

Not yet. (All good things are worth waiting for, right?)

But we do offer free eparcel Australia wide delivery included with every product.


How long is delivery for drop ship orders

All orders placed via dropshipping accounts will take approximately 7-10 business days for shipping Australia wide. This excludes express delivery which isn't available atm.


For more information on our shipping policy, please see our Shipping & Returns page.


Is there a minimum order quantity for purchases?

A. Nope. You can sell one product at a time, so anyone can get started with a dropshipping business without any risk.

B. We do offer discounts for quantities over 10pcs

C. Our wholesale service provides low MOQ and free shipping orders for exclusively qualified merchants only.

Will there be freight charges or other additional charges?

No way!

With our drop shipping ecommerce platform, the price you see is the price you pay!

And yes - that's pretty rare these days;)


Do I need to set up an account in order to become a dropshipper?

Yeah, but it only takes a minute.


Just fill out the dropshipper application form and you’ll be dropshipping in no time! We offer quick & easy setup - everything you need to start selling online today. Try us out - you’ll love us!


If you haven't been able to locate our form - please search GOOGLE for "Colourblocker Dropship Supplier" and use the first result to apply.


Do I have sell my products at a specific price?

We do have suggested RRPs and promotional prices, but you can sell our products for whatever price you want. It’s not our job to tell you how to run your dropshipping store!


How much does it cost to create a dropship account with Colourblocker?

Nothing! There is no cost to start dropshipping with us! (You can always send us a chocolate box if you want to say thanks…)


What is the returns and refunds policy?

Our goal is to be the best e-commerce platform for dropshipping. If you are not satisfied with a product you’ve received, send us a message and we’ll do what we can to make it right. We can arrange for a return or replacement, and we will refund your purchase if necessary.

If you receive a defective item (nobody’s perfect, right?), we may need you to send us a photo of the item so that we can see what’s wrong with it.

For more info about our return policy, please see our Shipping & Returns page.


Are there any restocking fees?

There is a restocking fee of $7.95. The sender will also have to pay return shipping costs. (Sorry, we have to do this to keep our prices low!)


Do you have minimums on products that need to be sold?

Nope. Buy whatever amount you want!

But we also specialize in extremely competitive rates for wholesale orders.

Even if the quantities are as low as 10pcs or more.


Do you hold all items in stock, in Australia?

Yes, almost all our inventory is shipped directly from our NSW warehouse.

That means your customers wait less time for their orders. And we use standard Australia Post for all deliveries (excluding wholesale).


Are the items tested and known to be quality products?

Yes. We want to provide the best experience for our customers, and we can only do that by selling high-quality merchandise. We wouldn’t sell you anything that we wouldn’t sell to our friends and family (the ones we like, at least).


How will customers receive tracking?

Your customers will receive a tracking ID via email within 24 hours after we have shipped their order.


What countries do you ship to?

For now, we only ship to Australia and New Zealand.

We’re growing very quickly, so stay tuned!


What shipping methods do you use?

We ship with Australia Post (7-10 business days).

For wholesale orders we ship with DHL express


Can you provide express shipping?

Currently express is only available for wholesale orders.

Although we're in the process of setting this up for dropshippers.


How do customers receive a tracking ID?

We’ll email it to them after you make a purchase on their behalf. (Don’t forget to enter their email address!) - you can also check the tracking via your merchant dashboard.


How long does it take to dispatch my orders?

We disaptch all orders in under 48 hours. to get your order out the door, although it’s usually much quicker. Our employees can really move!


What payments do you take?

A. Our payment options are more flexible than a yoga teacher. We take the usual MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal - but more importantly, you can now purchase now and pay later over time with flexible payment options using ZIP Pay Later - so you can still run your business even if you’re short on funds. And Afterpay is you prefer less flexibility


pay later plans to dropship online


Do you provide credit?

Yep. We're able to provide you credit through our partnership with zipPay for merchants. Checkout ZIP for merchants. It allows you to "sell now, buy now, get paid now - and you an pay later, interest-free!


Dropship now and pay later with ZIP


Do you provide bulk orders?

Yes, we can fulfill bulk orders. And it's a large core of our business.

Find out if you are qualified to be one of our distributors or wholesaler customers. Go to our wholesale information page and complete the information, or contact our wholesale team for your requirements and specification.



Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Of course! Drop us a line - and we’ll hook you up with our bulk pricing list.


Can I sell your products on eBay/Amazon?

100%.  Some dropshipping suppliers have strict restrictions on how you can sell your products, but not us. Our mission is online drop shipping made easy.

You are free to sell our products wherever you want, however you want. You can sell our product on your dropshipping websites, Amazon, eBay, or your drop shipping online store. You can even wear a trenchcoat and sell our products in a dark alley! (Don’t blame us if you don’t get any sales doing this!)

Here's a great article by the Oberlo team about using Amazon as a great sales channel - especially now in Australia.


How can I list products on Shopify?

With Shopify, setting up a dropshipping website is a breeze. First, download a CSV from our website for the products you want to list on your dropshipping store.

Import this CSV into Shopify (Use this guide import guide) and you’re good to go!

Even if you already know how to start a dropshipping business, Shopify makes it easier than ever. You can update your store in minutes with Shopify dropshipping!

Ok. So I’ve tried Oberlo and Aliexpress to dropship products to our Australian customers - so why should I use you guys?

  1. We’re an Australian owned business that’s been running for over 6 years
  2. Our products have been sourced and selected for online sales success
  3. All orders are delivered to your customers with Australia Post eParcel  
  4. We dispatch orders within 48 hrs - so no waiting around for items to be shipped
  5. Delivery times are between 7-10 days Australia wide. Express Post will be an option in the future
  6. Our product catalog has a huge range of super cool products to cater to niche markets
  7. If you dropship with Colourblocker - you have the option to pay later interest-free with Zip - when you checkout
    your customers drop shipped orders. Making it literally- Australia’s only “risk-free” e-commerce solution.


Do you provide product feeds formatted for eBay stores

We sure can help you with that. And if you let us know exactly the products you want to dropship it will be extremely helpful. Just send us an email directly, and our tech team will get back to you.


Do you provide product feeds formatted for Shopify stores?

Yes. As mentioned above we have recently added functionality to our store that will allow you to import products directly into your Shopify store.


And in other exciting news - Colourblocker is teaming up with IMPORTIFY to let you literally import any product at a click of the button - just like Oberlo.



So if you're using Shopify - and want to have a similar setup to Oberlo (but for Australian products).


Help us get this released ASAP by sending a request email to make your life and business easier and more successful than before.



What format do you provide product information?

All product exports are downloaded in CSV file formats. We're able to provide XML and XLS files if you require them. Just get in touch. But you can check out all the kinds of details you get via a live listing too - check out this new security camera for example. You'll get all those details supplied via the feed.


Do you sell products directly to customers?

Our business is focussed on offering merchants like yourself the best pricing to sell online (so we don’t sell directly to the public - unless we're clearing items.)


How many products does Colourblocker offer?

Currently just over 1000. With 100’s added each month.


Do you provide product IDs.

Currently we provide SKUS. For large dropshippers we can provide barcodes


Are you able to provide daily/weekly updated automated  product feeds

This is an extra option. If you would like an automated email or cron job sent to you on a regular basis, please contact our support team directly


Do dropshipped parcels say where they come from?

No. This is completely up to you. Retailers that dropship from wholesalers like Colourblocker are able to ensure the wholesaler source is hidden.

This is achieved by "blind shipping" (shipping goods without a return address to the orginal supplier), or using the "private labelling method" - where products shipped have the return address of the actual "dropshipping retailer".

So - when you checkout the orders - make sure to select "dropship order" at checkout - which will excludie any information relating to Colourblocker.


What if I don’t have an ABN?

That shouldn’t be a problem to get started. As long as your website is up and running and includes terms & conditions as well as an SSL. And if you're looking for an exceptional hosting service with incredible support and SSL options - checkout Siteground. Highly recommended.


Where can I find information about your inventory stock and pricing updates?

Simply login to your merchant dashboard and you’ll find all the info you need (and maybe even a little more)!

We can also email you this information on a regular basis if you provide us with your email and fill out a quick form.


How should we markup products for dropshipping?

Depending on your market, and sales strategy - dropshippers generally take a margin of 15% with 20% being the higher value. That’s excluding all credit card, paypal, and other fixed costs.

Here’s a great calculation tool you can use to calculate your margins


Do you provide access to images and product descriptions?

Yes. All product information for items available to dropship to your customers can be downloaded via our master CSV file. This can be found here.


What product categories does Colourblocker offer dropshippers

We dropship pretty much anything you or your customers can think of.

We want to be the best drop shipping ecommerce website, and we can’t do that without offering a little bit of everything! Our dropship solutions provide you with the best products to sell online!


And heaps more. So if you can't find what you're looking for. Just ask!


Personalized FREE Product Sourcing

Our team also offers product sourcing and supplying for Australian ecommerce sellers and offline distributors too.


Being an international business based in Sydney - we’re able to guarantee the best prices and services for specific requests. So if you’re looking to source a specific product - get in touch with our team here.


Where can I view the wholesale prices for dropshipping?

Purchasing wholesale will always increase your margins and overall revenue.

So if you’re after large-ish quantities of products delivered to you, get in touch with our wholesale department. Our MOQs (minium order quantitiies) are extremely minimal.


Best of Luck!