Drop shipping with Colourblocker

Date Posted:16 March 2015 

Why we provide dropshipping The answer to why we offer a drop ship service to Australian customers.

Colourblocker - Now Offering Drop Shipping

People seem to wonder why a company like Colourblocker would offer a dropshipping service to other merchants.

They think it's strange that an online retail website allows other online retailers to sell their products too. Why would they give themselves competition by offering a dropship service to small startup ecommerce business in Australia?

The answer is simple. The world wide web, especially Australian Online Ecommerce is big enough for all of us. 

Some people/companies are great at SEO, and writing good content. Other companies might spend on Adwords, and other paid advertising. Some might have a great circle of friends, and market their products via word of mouth. We all advertise and communicate with people who are closer to us. Therefore - we know that we can't sell to your friends, school, city etc. And therefore we want to offer our products to those who would like to Dropship cool Colourblocker products to anywhere in Australia.

Lastly- we want to help small business, individuals, stay at home mum's - make money via ecommerce without having to spend thousands on holding and buying stock. Eventually you will hopefully get there - but this is the place to start.

If you have any questions about how dropshipping works, and how you can take advantage of the service we're providing to Australians - let us know and we'll do our best to explain it all.