Drop Shipping Business Ideas

Find the Best Drop Ship Business Ideas

With a super competitive ecommerce landscape out there today, if you're looking at starting your successful online drop shipping businesss in Australia - you need to make sure you have the best ideas, to cut through the noise.

Finding the hottest trending items on Aliexpress or Amazon is harder than you think. And usually by the time you've found a great seller - so has the rest of the dropshipping world.


So what's the secret to a successful drop ship idea?

The answer is within yourself. 

The product you self needs to be something you're truly interested, and knowledgeable about. Something that's been a talent or hobby of yours for years. Or even an interest you've always wished to pursue.


Focus on products that interest you.

The best products to sell online, are the products you would personally buy online yourself. Products that you would willingly pay for. Not just something you found on Google Trends, or a Reddit Forum. It needs to be something you believe in - or it won't fly. I've personally used Quora to research ideas that interest me, and look for what other's are searching or asking questions about.


Look for the the not-so-popular products

The products that tend to sell like crazy through drop shipping are often those ones that other dropship sellers tend to stay away from. It's those really, small, specific niche categories that you would never expect.

The less popuar the products are great ideas to focus on, because the chances are - consumers are more likely to spend time actually looking for them, and more likely to actually purchase them.


Watch your price points and potential margins

Top ecommerce products don't just meaning the quantity of sales - but products that are the most profitable. And there's a few way to ensure you're covering your costs, and getting a sweet margin at the same time.

I tend to suggest dropshippers focus on best selling items they can sell for at least 30% margin or more. And at price points of $49 or over. Under those figures is likely a waste of time.

But remember. The more popular the products your selling online (like the rest of the world), the more likely it is that you'll make peanuts just in order to get some sales over the line.


Ask your Mum (seriously)....

I know it sounds strange - but this has worked wonders for me. Because I know my mum has a bunch of interests, and gets easily swayed into buying things online. And they always seem like great dropshipping business ideas.

So at least once a month I ask my mum what she's recently been looking for online, and what she's actually purchased.

Often it's something I've never thought of - and go research online myself. And nearly 100% of the time - the sites selling these random products are super standard, over prices, and untrustworthy.


So why not provide a better service, better price for the products you know mums will buy?


If you're still looking for other ways to generate dropshipping ideas for your online business - there's great UDEMY courses you can always consider signing up for, and checking out Australia's list of suppliers at Home Business Websites and stay up to date on the Stay at Home Mum's.