Australian Supplier of Drop Shipping Products

One of the only reliable Australian dropship suppliers?

Colourblocker is a reputable wholesaler now offering a free drop shipping service to all e-commerce merchants located in Australia. 


Register to join our dropship program today and access over 1000 top-selling products, easily upload them to your Shopify store - for free, and start growing your business.

The reason to use Colourblocker is simple. We hold the inventory and stock for you, so you can do what you do best, focus on your eCommerce website.

Australia's best online drop shipping supplier now offers a free a B2B service for all Aussie E-commerce Owners.

Our business model is simple was created for you - and it's easier than ever to sell our products across all your sales channels. Whether it's eBay, Amazon, Catch and more

Doesn't even matter if you’re teeny-tiny or very large - we’ve got the products that sell and give you the right margins to ensure your business earns a profit from the get go.

And yes - that means you don't need to worry about paying some random dodgy directory to get access to some strange list of Australian drop ship suppliers (at least we hope not).

But you sure can find us on Salehoo

Most people looking for Australian dropship suppliers with profitable products, and a variety that’s attractive, end up finding weird wholesalers with bizarre bargains. In other words - it’s a struggle, and there’s often no room to add your margin. Yes, there’s wholesalers will to dropship chicken coops, quirky kitchen gadgets or old rocking chairs. And that’s fine, but it’s extremely difficult to sell a lot of rocking chairs when the market is quite small.


We’ve been selling online for years -so we know what products people are buying, and what product will always sell. From the start, we’ve always looked for products with low risk, high margins, and big market - with a specific focus in kitchenwares, gadgets, gifts, and accessories. Our creative team has the ability to spot and source goods that everyone wants, needs from miles away. And our aim is now to give drop shippers like you - a real opportunity to make money online - without holding stock, or selling boring stuff. We’re about what’s hot. What will bring more customers, and what makes people smile.


Why are we different to the other dropship suppliers?

And so we’re different to most of the other dropship suppliers or wholesalers out there. And we always have been. For the past 7 years at least. And it’s not just because we pack and ship all of your orders and send them directly to your customers (you never see anything). And it’s not because we stock the most unique range of products and exciting cool categories. It’s because we also allow our dropshipping merchants to pay for their orders later using zipPay. Yip - you can sell now, get paid now, buy now, and pay later. With no interest ever - how cool is that?


So - after spending the time, effort, and money setting up a website - generating traffic, and building a database you want to know your product is right. And most of all - you want to know your customers are taken care of. Whatever your drop ship orders are- be it large or small - Colourblocker will fulfill them for you. So if you’ve literally just set up a Shopify site - and want to start selling, you can. It’s that easy. Once you have your login, password and approved your all good. Start listing and start selling.


7 Reasons to Dropship with Colourblocker:

  • We’re an experienced Australian based company
  • We pack and ship - the products you sell
  • We allow you to send blind invoices to your customers
  • We ship all dropship order within 24-48 hours 
  • We offer the most unique range of products to sell online
  • We provide all images and discounted prices
  • We allow you to sell now, buy now, and pay later


Colourblocker also offers a unique range of innnovative promotional products - and has a branding division for corporate events, sponsorships and business Christmas gift ideas.

So let us know what you're after, and the quantities you had in mind, and we'll get back to you ASAP.


So - to get started drop shipping our products today - all you need to do is click here to submit your application. Once your submission has been approved, you’ll receive a confirmation link. Hit that link and you’re ready to drop ship accessing all our products at wholesale prices. And those prices include delivery with tracking anywhere in Australia.


For customers who are doing over 50 orders a week - we have the ability to provide you with a CSV of stock and pricing on a weekly basis. And it shouldn’t take long until you reach that number. Feel free to use any of our images - but please make sure to use your own descriptions for unique ranking purposes.