The Basics of Why to Dropship

Here's a little rundown about how the basics of drop shipping works. Well,

Frst of all, there's no upfront inventory cost or shipping logistics. Colourblocker will handle that for you.

We hold the stock and we ship out the products for you.

With drop shipping, The products are sent directly from us. From car blocker to your customer. You literally do not have to see the product at all.

There is a couple of steps when it comes to drop shipping.

  • Customer finds you online, Whether it's via an ad buyer, SEO, or whatever it might be.
  • When the customer finds you, your customer places in order on your online store.
  • What happens next is your store automatically automatically sends the order to Colourblocker is your dedicated drop ships are in Australia.
  • We will prepare the product the order for you On behalf of the for your customer.
  • We will then drop ship the product directly to your customer. Saving you all the trouble all the hassles and all the extra costs of holding stock and of taking risks of spending money on rent in Australia are fighting for the best rates and shipping


Date Posted: 7 August 2019  

A Few Questions About Dropshipping

And a brief rundown about how you can dropship in Australia.


How does dropshipping actually work?

Well, - First of all, there's no upfront inventory cost or shipping logistics.
That's what Colourblocker will handle for you. We hold the stoc...

Is Dropshipping Legal in Australia

Are there legal issues with setting up a dropship business?


This question is one that always comes up - and it's a little strange.

I have no idea why people think that Dropshipping in Australia is illegal.
That's like saying Amazon or eBay are illegal companies too.

What is the best way to start dropshipping?

The software platform solution means everything. You need to make the right decision - right?

As a Shopify partner code block, really suggest using Shopify as your website to start your drop shipping business, not just because of the amazing marketplace because of the cheap rates, and how easy it is to just get going right out of the box.

Most of our Shopify business owners have seen incredible success from the time they've set up with us. In addition to that, we are currently working on an integration with importer phi that will allow Shopify customers to import products direct...