Buy Now, Pay Later with ZIP

Dropship Today with Colourblocker: Sell Now, Pay Later


At Colourblocker, we're not just any dropshipping supplier. We're leading the revolution in flexible payment solutions, ensuring that you and your customers have the utmost convenience.


Why Choose zipPay for Dropshipping?

With our innovative partnership with zipPay - Australia's premier digital wallet solution - you can now streamline your dropshipping business.

  • Immediate Purchase: No waiting times. Purchase or dropship immediately.
  • Flexible Payments: Pay back at your own pace, interest-free.
  • Increased Wallet: Once approved, get a digital wallet worth up to $1000.
  • Swift Sign-up: Use your social Facebook account for a hassle-free process.
  • User-friendly Management: Just log into your digital wallet and manage your payments.


Boost Your Sales with Zip for Merchants

Considering offering Zip to your customers? Here's why you should:

  • Instant Sales Boost: See a conversion rate increase by up to 20%.
  • Higher Basket Value: Enjoy an average order value spike as high as 60%.
  • Repeat Customers: Witness a repeat customer rate shoot up to 80%.
  • Huge Adoption: Up to 20% of all sales are processed through Zip.
  • Become Part of a Network: Join a community of 23,900+ merchant partners using Zip.

Growth Hack: Once you've set up shop with Colourblocker, we strongly recommend offering Zip to your own customers. Not only will this boost your sales, but it will also provide a seamless shopping experience. Sign up for a Zip merchant account after registering with Colourblocker.


Benefits of Using Zip at Colourblocker

Zip's flexibility and freedom ensure your customers can get what they want now and pay later.

  • Easy Installments: Shop now and split your payment over 6 weeks.
  • Convenient Shopping: Choose Zip at checkout and pay the first installment upfront.
  • Shop Anywhere with the Zip App: A seamless shopping experience, online or in-store.
  • Transparent and Simple: No hidden charges, always interest-free.

Zip App Features

  • No Surprises: Get advanced notifications for every payment.
  • Instant Decision: Shopping with Zip won’t impact your credit score.
  • Transparent Terms: Always know what to expect.


Join the Future of Dropshipping

This isn't just a payment solution. It's Australia's debut in offering a risk-free, pay-later solution for B2B dropshipping. A groundbreaking approach to starting and scaling your online business.

Learn more about ZIP or set up your account today.


Dropship Today. Sell Today. Pay Later. Interest Free.

Whether you're buying retail or paying for a dropshipping order with your dropship account, you can now pay later, over time with flexible 0% interest payment plans using zipPay at checkout.

How does ZIP work when dropshipping?

  • Select the products you wish to purchase or drop ship to your customer in Australia.
  • Checkout with ZIP - Buy Now, Pay Later flexible payment options at checkout.
  • Pay ZIP back over time with flexible interest-free payment options.

Colourblocker is proud to announce its partnership with ZIP - Australia's most flexible digital wallet, payment plan solution with no interest ever, no credit cards, and no deposit required.


What are the ZIP Benefits?

  • You can check out and purchase today with "literally" nothing to pay.
  • Once approved, you get a digital wallet of up to $1000 to shop with online.
  • Superfast sign-up process using your social Facebook accounts.
  • Merchants like yourself can get more time to pay for goods - always interest-free.
  • Easily manage your account by logging into your digital wallet and pay off as you go.

Colourblocker will be one of Australia's only dropshipping suppliers to offer the option to literally "Sell Now, Get Paid Now, and Pay Later." After checking out how CACTUS is offering the hottest electronics with zipPay, we knew this was a must for our customers.


It's Australia's first B2B Dropshipping Risk-Free Pay Later Solution to Starting an Online Business.

Learn more about zipPay, or get your account setup today.